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   Lucy Walker-Miele


Hi to my future models/clients,


To give you a little insight into my work, I want to tell you a bit about the person behind the camera.


I was born in 1974 in Melbourne, Australia, where I grew up and had my first experience with photography. My love for photography began when I was at high school where I studied analog photography for 2 years. At this stage I was already under the spell of capturing everyday experiences, threw my eyes.

I ended up finishing an apprenticeship as a Chef/ Cook in 1998 which made it possible for me to travel, another great passion of mine. I began my journey in Europe, due to my Italian roots, which then lead me further to Asia and Africa, with me, on my journey was just my backpack and my analog camera.

As my route expanded, my view also widened in this time enormously. I became more sensitive to the world around me in the reference to my environment, capturing all this in images, for an eternal memory was an amazing experience.

With my love of travel, I came and worked (as a cook) here in Swiss Ski resorts, where my heart was stolen, not only by the country’s amazing landscape, but also by one of its men, which has led me to now plant some of my own roots.

My love of photography never stopped and after the birth of my first child, I decided to I studied the world of digital imagery with the Photography Institute and I haven’t looked back since.

Since then I have been working as a freelance photographer and constantly strives to keep my mind alert, even now I’m repeatedly faced with new challenges in photographic world. The birth of my twins in 2012 gave me more inspiration to work in the areas of newborn Photography.


The name Sweetlight Photography (although a popular one ) has a special meaning to me. My maiden name Is Miele: meaning Honey, which refers to Sweet, Lucy comes from Lucia which means Light, so hence, Sweetlight.... ;-)


I hope I could give you an insight to the person behind the camera and how Sweetlight Photography came to be,

Looking forward to see you in front of the camera,


With love Lucy.


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